Fighting the darkness within

“To fight the darkness out there, you must first defeat the darkness within…”–from Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I am one of the privileged to watch the first showing of Chronicles of Narnia,Voyage of the Dawn Treader in SM Taytay 3D cinema. First, I commend the movie crew for a detailed visualization of the book. Second, I love the OST- There’s a place for us by Carrie Underwood (click here). But most of all, it is a timely message of awakening for my daily walk with the Lord.

After being at home for several days due to my recurrent cough, which paralyzed my physical strength for a while, I finally decided to go to the movie theater and watch Harry Potter 7 Part 1. But of my dismay, the last show was the day before (yesterday) and I am just in time for the Chronicles of Narnia.

The third installment of the Narnia series, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, tells about King Caspian’s search of the seven lords who banished during the rule of King Miraz. Caspian’s ship is the Dawn Treader. On the other side of the world, back in a small province in London, Lucy and Edmund Pevensie were sent to stay with their relatives while the war is on. Their older siblings, Peter and Susan, have grown up already with different priorities.

Edmund and Lucy lives with their cousin Eustace Scrubb. Eustace is a very stubborn and naughty boy who is a burden to the Pevensies.

This is the last time that Edmund and Lucy could go back to Narnia, along with their cousin. In this part of the series, the three kids entered Narnia through the ship and sea painting hanging on Eustace’s room, where they met Caspian, Reepicheep, and the rest of the Dawn Treader crew. Together they will find the seven lords with their swords to defeat the darkness, the evil power that lies in an island near Aslan’s table. Along the way, they meet bandits, magicians, one-footed creatures, golden island, mermaids, sea serpents, and a lot more! They also have to fight themselves and their companions to defeat the greed and dark motives inside their hearts.

Defeating the darkness within

I was a jerk. I have been asking God how to deal with things, make wise decisions, and so on but I never even made sure to regularly spend time with Him every day. I was rotten inside and that’s why I couldn’t function well outside. I have big responsibilities that God had entrusted me, yet all I did is questioning Him for choosing me. I had been fighting myself. Fighting for confidence, security, etc.

The movie clearly showed how it is to live a Christ-like life. It is never easy. “Don’t be tempted because you will be tested…,” a wizard, from one of the islands that the Dawn Treader ducked, said.

Once we have Christ Jesus, the enemy will do it’s best to take us away from the Lord. The evil will use anything to get us, and if we allow it to overrule us then we are in for trouble. In the movie, Lucy, Edmund, their cousin Eustace, King Caspian, and the rest of the ship’s crew were drawn by the evil smoke that could bring life the darkest desire of a person. Lucy, who wanted to be as beautiful as her older sister Susan, tore a page from the book of spells to become beautiful. Edmund, has long been haunted by the thought of the white witch that lured him before. His fear of her existence almost rot his soul. Caspian has been hearing his father’s thoughts of him becoming a king. And because of greed and pride, Eustace, in the island of golds, turned into a dragon because of his dark heart. All these were the enemy’s way of slowly pulling us off the track. But God knows all and He shows His great love to His people, which is why He won’t allow bad to happen to His loved children. Same with the movie, Aslan showed up in Lucy’s imagination, and the girl woke up, realizing her true value as a person. Eustace also learned his lesson and Aslan turned him back to a boy.

I learned and am continually learning that in defeating the darkness within us is to allow Jesus Christ to take over–don’t lose focus on Him.

Other lessons in the movie

“Extraordinary things happen only to extraordinary people,” said Reepicheep when Eustace became a dragon. Indeed he was true. Eustace helped the Dawn Treader weaken the sea serpent in the dark mist and stopped the evil power on the island.

Sometimes, we become dragons on our own when we stop reading our Bibles and try to do things on ourselves. But God is just so amazing that even with our lowest times, in our dumbest and most idiotic state, God can turn our mistakes and weaknesses into a blessing. That’s how God works. Eustace’s transformation as a dragon helped the voyage faster to reach their destination and to defeat the darkness.

“… In your world I have a different name. You need to know me there. You know me here in Narnia so it would be easy for you to know me there…We will see again someday,” said Aslan as he bid good bye to Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace.

I admire C.S. Lewis for writing this line. It reminds me of my daily walk with God. That God does not only come useful when we are happy or sad. It tells me that God is always there and He deserves to be praised all the time! We don’t need to go to Narnia to experience God’s unfailing love to us. He is here. He offers Himself to us and all we need to do is take it–free of charge. Lewis knew that people normally prays or calls God only when we could no longer handle a situation, but when we’re fine, we forget about Him. Walking with God is an adventure full of ups and downs. Lewis reminded us that walking with God is not only knowing Him but actually, continually searching Him deeper, experiencing Him every single day. Aslan wanted the kids to know Him far beyond Narnia and he is wise to know what’s on their hearts.

As long as we live on this earth, we will never stop fighting the spiritual warfare. But the good news is, we have the ultimate defense in Christ Jesus.

I pray that you will also take time to reflect on the movie and be inspired by its hidden message. Enjoy watching! ^_^


8 thoughts on “Fighting the darkness within

    • Hi madam! Thank you for being the first one to comment my update! ^_^ I am a fan of the Narnia series, and for you I will make a review on the second movie! ^_^ Godspeed po! Thanks again!–I would still have to edit its grammar… ^_^

  1. no way!! te, the movie comes out on Dec. 10! how come we’re ahead? they’re showing it in ayala now too! haven’t watched yet though….

    that was a really good article, te! It reminded me about things that I’d buried in my mind. Thanks for taking the time to write this! I should take time to write for DZ sad 😥

    I also liked how Aslan told the children that he had another name in our world. reminded me about Jesus.

  2. Joy its a very interesting article that you have… Its good to be reminded again and again that God never leave us nor forsake us…

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