Right foot in, left foot out

(On leaving well)

Before I even announced my official send off, I am surprised to know that my families and friends are more than ready to let me go. The fact that I frequently travel and live in different places, mission service outside the country is not new to them. But reality strikes. I will be gone for 20 straight months, inclusive of special holidays: two Christmas and New year away from my family and friends. I am not a drama queen but it was an emotional process to undergo. Anyhow, for the last days in my home country, I learned to gradually have my right foot in, left foot out. Here is my personal list of “leaving well.”

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‘…and it was good’

In August my family went for a vacation to Vientiane, Laos. Since it’s near Bangkok, Thailand my father insisted to do “sidetripping”. The rest of us were against it because of additional cost and a long bus travel crossing the border. Yet we ended up going anyway.

Bangkok is such a beauty. The weather is just right, the people are full of smiles, the food is super affordable and fresh, and a shopping paradise for lower to middle class buyers! In fact, a lot of Filipino RTW businessmen go to Bangkok to purchase items. In terms of structure, the city preserves several temples that includes the famous Grand Palace at the heart of Bangkok, which is near the Thai-only floating market! Continue reading

Fighting the darkness within

“To fight the darkness out there, you must first defeat the darkness within…”–from Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I am one of the privileged to watch the first showing of Chronicles of Narnia,Voyage of the Dawn Treader in SM Taytay 3D cinema. First, I commend the movie crew for a detailed visualization of the book. Second, I love the OST- There’s a place for us by Carrie Underwood (click here). But most of all, it is a timely message of awakening for my daily walk with the Lord.

After being at home for several days due to my recurrent cough, which paralyzed my physical strength for a while, I finally decided to go to the movie theater and watch Harry Potter 7 Part 1. But of my dismay, the last show was the day before (yesterday) and I am just in time for the Chronicles of Narnia.

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Harry Potter author sued for plagiarism?

Being a fan of the seven-series Harry Potter book, it is a big shock to know that the best-selling fiction novel is allegedly copied by its author from another British novelist.

This is according to a report made by the Associated Press on February 18, which was co-published by Sun.Star Network Exchange. It said that J.K. Rowling is being sued for plagiarism (to read more click on the phrase).

Rowling handling one of her famous Harry Potter series

Rowling holding one of her famous Harry Potter book series

Photo taken from tutor2u.net

Is it just a work of propaganda by Rowling’s competitors and oppositions? Or did Rowling really stole the idea from an old author?

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