A CALL to remember

CAM01897[1]THE security guard gave me a stern look as I walked in the entrance hall. My companion said, “we’re here for check-up, our organization is responsible for her so I need to accompany her…” Then with a slight smile, a more relaxed expression, the man said, “oh, I know her! I can recognize her by her eyes!” (I am probably the only Asian patient so far in that hospital.) In three months I had visited the hospital twice. Once in January and the second time in March.

The first time I was diagnosed with Gastritis. Two months later with Bronchitis. The doctors and the hospital staff at the out-patient-section are already familiar faces. I wasn’t only there for a short time but had to spend an entire day for consultation, medications, and observation, then consultation again. I had never spent that long in a hospital in my life. “There’s always a first time,” the doctor told me on my second visit as I was taking nebulization to improve my breathing caused by bronchitis.

I praise God for the experience. I praise the Creator for choosing me to be in that situation. It was hard especially that I am away from home. There were times I wished that my parents were with me, especially this March when the doctor required me to be on bed rest for three days (to one week). I felt useless, thinking that I am giving much burden to my placement site for not reporting and participating those days.

I praise God that although my parents were not with me, God provided me with friends who took care of me. My supervisors in CEPALC were always checking on me. My workmates were calling and continually encouraging me. And church friends were there to pray with me. During that time I can see God’s warm embrace through the people He used. Continue reading


Jesus as a Missionary to Colombia (part 1)

IMG_1497“Christ has no body now on earth but ours*,
No hands but ours;
No feet but ours.
Ours are the eyes through which the compassion
Of Christ is to look out on a hurting world.
Ours are the feet with which He is to go about
Doing good
Ours are the hands with which He is to bless now.”
–Attributed to Saint Theresa of Avila
(*instead of ‘yours’)
OUTSIDE my apartment in Chapinero, Bogotá, parked a covered push cart. Every morning I see a man coming out from the cart, and in the evening, he seeks refuge in his indecent mobile house.

I was in an international youth conference in Asia and was part of the service team. During game preparation, while we went over each rule, the game master suddenly said, “For the Around the World, you may put all countries except the Philippines,” and blurted a huge laugh. The rest of the team laughed along, but not me. I was the only Filipino in the group and since it was our first meeting, they thought I was Singaporean or Malaysian. I was so mad that I made a loud cough and walked out. Continue reading