Finally, a graduate!

Six short years in college. No, it’s not an Engineering course or did I proceed to a master’s degree or doctorate. It’s an undergraduate study of Mass Communication.

Normally, as what the society dictates, a student who spends additional year/s from the required term is interpreted to less fortunate in mental capability or someone who has less/no interest in schooling. But not with my case.

I spent two years in another university and transferred to the University of the Philippines-Cebu. Transferring to UP was never easy. There’s a point in my life that I need to accept the fact of delaying my commencement exercise, retaking all major courses, and adjusting to a new environment—reliving my freshie life all over again.

Sometimes, I regret having decided to transfer because I would be left behind by my batch mates, who are on their junior year. I was ashamed to tell to my friends that I am a freshman (for the second time ^_^). I am embarrassed with my new classmates being the oldest in the group–and calling me “ate” or big sister.

Getting in to UP is one thing but living a life of embarrassment is another.

Amid all insecurities and discouragements come God’s prevailing love, which opened my eyes and heart to embrace with full JOY His wonderful plan in my life. Entering UP was just the start of God’s outpouring blessings upon me and the people around.

God has given me people who understands what it feels to be in a new school (college drama). They are: Sophie, Chao, Sherylyn, Desiree, and Joan (still to be verified). Us six is a group of transfer students. We call ourselves TOR (Transferees’ ORganization). The name TOR was taken from the real term Transcript of Records. And since the main requirement in UP for any transfer student is TOR, we made our own group based on that. Although we didn’t officially applied our organization to be recognized by the school, still we often meet together and reflect on our student lives.

Since we are from different courses, we started having friends with our supposed “batch mates.” Then I met the Winx (meaning withhold). Winx was formed after irregular Mass Communication students in our batch hanged out regularly due to our similar schedules (see Reunions entry).

There have been twists and turns during my college life. A moment of giving up, discouragements and loss. But all of these things where surpassed with Christ Jesus in me. Biology, Mathematics, and Thesis were just a few subjects that pulled me down. Not that I failed in these fields but those subjects really gave me goosebumps and a series of sleepless nights.

On the good side, there were also subjects that uplifts my spirit. All of those are my major ones. On top of the list is Journalism. Units under this is definitely a blessing for me every semester. Especially that instructor Mayette Tabada is teaching.

Under Ms Mayette’s class, I started submitting articles to local and international publications such as Sun.Star Cebu, Cebu Daily News, Reader’s Digest, and DevoZine. Although none of my contributed works were published in Reader’s Digest, I still continue submitting more until they do so (^_^).

Six years of pains and triumphs. Opportunities to go abroad and be one of the Philippine youth ambassadors, open doors for job offerings, and countless of people who helped me surpass the tertiary level. There had been an out-pour of blessings upon blessings in my life as I follow God’s will in me for the six years in college.

Finally, I am a graduate! ^_^


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