The PORKs of a politician

Disclaimer: I salute politicians who live by faith and moral conduct, especially those who strive to make the government system a better and people-focused one, rather than political-centered. The title of this post is not to generalize the negativity of the politicians but to emphasize the allocated funds for project development, and how this “Pork Barrel funds” is used for the good of the state or for personal interest.

cartoon_Jul19ON MY way to the Philippines from a training in the USA, at the airport lounge, waiting for boarding, I had an opportunity to converse with another Filipino, who is also in the same flight as I. Clarita is a US citizen and lives in the US for 43 years. She’s married and have kids. To my surprise, Clarita boldly shared that she despises the Philippines. At the back of my head I thought, “then why fly back to the Philippines? It is very contradicting.”

She said that with our rotten political and justice system, lazy people, and a very slow economy, the Philippines is in a very worst state she’d “never want to go back–even as a retiree.” Continue reading

The Philippines: A Century Hence -In honor of our national hero’s day (Ang Pilipinas sa ika-gatusan ka tuig)

Ang sinulat ni Jose Rizal nga The Philippines: A Century Hence nagpakita og usa ka liberal nga panglantaw ni Jose P. Rizal kon unsa ang Pilipinas sa ika-gatusan ka tuig niini. Dayag og tataw kaayo ang mga ideya nga mamahimong dangatan sa minahal natong nasud og kini pwede nga; (1) ang Pilipinas magpabiling ginsakpan sa Espanya apan magkamaayo ang buot niini sa iyang mga mansakopay; (2) putlon sa Pilipinas ang kon unsa nga nagkaw-it niini sa iyang mga mansakopay pinaagi sa usa ka bayolente nga paagi; (3) o kondili man mamahimo kitang ginsakpan sa lain nga nasud. Continue reading