Jesus as Missionary to Colombia (Part 2)

la foto 4(Jesús dijo) Pero recibirán poder cuando el Espíritu Santo venga sobre ustedes; y serán Mis testigos en Jerusalén, en toda Judea y Samaria, y hasta los confines de la tierra.” Hechos 1:8 (NBLH)

I was on a four-day trip outside Bogotá into the warm and humid Córdoba for a series of workshops on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention among elementary and high school students in an indigenous community. Our workshops were based on four main themes: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Continue reading


A journey to 2010

Who could have thought that time machine does exist? I didn’t but it did happen to me.

The year 2009 may be a fruitful year for me and my family, yet for most of my fellow countrymen, it was a year of sorrow and loss. As the new year is gradually unfolding to the eyes of the people, it would be rather good to leave all the nightmares in the time machine.

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