Amid chaos and loss of 2009

"Advent Candles"

Where is HOPE?

Is there any reason to celebrate Christmas after tragedy and natural calamities hit the country within the year?

Yes, I live in Cebu…I was not affected when super typhoons rage in the country, when the inhuman massacre took place, or when the Mayon Volcano’s eruption  forced residents to evacuate. But I am a Filipino. I have seen the sufferings of these people. I was able to visit these places before calamities and tragedies even happened.

Only 11 days more and its 2010, looking back at the past months or taking a pause at today’s volcanic eruption issue, I couldn’t see any reason for people to find hope with every thing left.

Yet, every Filipino is still hoping that something good will happen to them, I could see their smiles amid heartaches, strength amid loss, and hope amid a dark road.

Finding HOPE

Friday, December 18 I shared the message of Jesus Christ’s praise to the Father during our church’s “Simbang Umaga”. It took me forever understanding the passage in Luke 10:21-24…It was about Jesus’ joyful thanksgiving to the Father after the 72 followers came back enthusiastic about their walk in faith and mission–how they have shared God’s message to the people and how those who heard about the Word, accepted God in their lives.

“God has opened His word to the common people and not to the wise and knowledgeable. ” It means that His message is easy to comprehend that even children could understand it. God wanted us to be dependent to Him, that includes our commitment to Him.

People who have experienced the tragedies and calamities have seen the hope in Christ, with their loss they learn how to be fully dependent to Him, and through their hurts they learn to follow His ways.

At one point I asked God why He chose the Philippines to experience all of these, then I begin to acknowledge God’s plan to the people. He loved us so much that He has to do a terrible thing in order for the people to turn back to Him.

Another is “the bad things you do will come back to you,” my father would say. People try to seek hope from somewhere else. We seldom see Christ, instead make our own way to be happy. Human being’s never ending need and want have kept us away from the true source of everything.

Undeniably, we find pleasure monetarily and in different vices, which is one of the main reasons that mother nature has expressed her terrible response to us–typhoon, floods, landslides, volcanic eruption, etc. Greed has eaten our being human to the extent that we kill for power–the Maguindanao massacre, series of kidnapping. Lastly, our too much trust on ourselves without God’s help–declaring Martial rule and its unending discussion.

Reflecting the HOPE

What makes us human beings is our desire to hope for the best. For years our hope has strengthened us to pushing on with our lives, thinking the sun will show itself behind the dark clouds.

Yes! This is the hope that we look forward as the year 2009 is about to end. Year 2010 is coming and the thought of a better future assures us that we can surpass everything on the way.

The series of unfortunate events this year, more than the negative effects, has even strengthened every Filipino to be best and to learn from the mistakes.

As another major event is coming, the May 2010 elections should be a winning goal for the politicians to answer issues on political killings and calamities. May the poll candidates also spark a light of hope to improve and uplift the country and its citizens.

As we look and wait with hope for Christ’s coming, we should also take heed on the issues at hand and respond it in a Christ-driven way. Let us continue the fire of passion burning within us for Christ’s sake and for a future of hope.

Counting all the blessings I received and the testimonies I have heard, hope is truly prevalent and should be preserved, for this would give us a reason to give a beautiful smile, a lovely light to all the people and to every situation.


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