Elections violations

I was applying for my passport renewal in the Department of Foreign Affairs this morning (March 24). The waiting line was long. I was there since four a.m. thinking I might land in the top 50 applicants. But I was wrong. Instead I was number 96, standing for more than three hours. Well, standing there for a long time was fine with me as long as the rest of us were doing the same—fairly.

To my surprise, while I was humming (to divert my leg pain), two women and some men where arguing about unfair queue turns. A woman arrived at around 6 a.m. and took over a man (near the office’s door) place, who’s paid to line for that person (woman). The other woman (who complained) demanded for a rightful line since majority of us were there waiting for our turn patiently while others only go there in time for the office opening.

I learned that bystanders offer to line-up for a person to earn money by selling their position to someone. Tired and frustrated, I kept silent while hearing injustices around. While some people were arguing, little street kids were roaming around begging for money.

But the manifestation of the rich using the poor through their money is obvious in a simple queue for passport application.

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Travel Philippines

The pearl of the Orient, known for its 7,107 + islands, home of the most unique sea creatures, and a top tourist destination—-the Philippines—making this third world nation a hub for cheap labor ¬†for business process outsourcing, English language education, and trades. But are these glittering words the only things we see in this country faced with several issues?

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one crazy day

Just a thought: “Are crazy people allowed to vote? What if they are registered voters before their mental incident happened?”

‘Crazy people’ here refers to those who are insane, mentally deranged, demented, senseless, and having an unusual, unexpected, or random quality, behavior, result, pattern, etc., according to dictionary.com. Continue reading