one crazy day

Just a thought: “Are crazy people allowed to vote? What if they are registered voters before their mental incident happened?”

‘Crazy people’ here refers to those who are insane, mentally deranged, demented, senseless, and having an unusual, unexpected, or random quality, behavior, result, pattern, etc., according to

I asked different persons from the media, citizenry, church, and academe.  The first reaction I got was: “Of course not because they are crazy!” But as I explain further that in case they have registered in the Commission on Elections long before having the mental illness (crazy) the persons I talked with would take a long pause–about 10 seconds perhaps–and say: “Yes they can vote…but…”

I had this thought after attending the University of the Philippines’ Crazy Day on February 12. Politically thinking that crazy people don’t have to think about the come May elections, I said to myself: “Can I be crazy on election day so I could have a reason not to vote and not to think about anything related to the polls?”

It was my last year in school and probably my last time also to attend the Crazy Day–which I should say was fun! (though it was funner three years ago) I got photos (unlike before) and crazy poses.

Itching to find an answer to my question, I checked the 1987 Philippine Constitution only to find out that even the qualification for presidency, the highest position in the state, doesn’t specifically state that a person who is crazy is ineligible to apply. Surprising? Not really since our “law” does not discriminate anyone based on status and education. Yet in “reality” every thing counts: from family connection, wealth, education, and so on with the list.

Before a person is considered a candidate, of course the Commission on Elections (Comelec) would have to screen every applicant for eligibility.  The Comelec will classify the candidate whether fit or nuisance.  And guess where crazy candidates go? Nuisance obviously.

With less than two months before the May 10 elections, issues and cases and death reports have been prevalent—and for the record it’s driving me CRAZY! Not to mention that reports said seven out of 10 Filipinos or 71% have no or little knowledge on the automated election system–watcha say?  @_@

Oh well, let’s look forward to a clean and smooth election with the anticipated first ever automated one (if it’s full operation will push through in all precincts).

On the bright side, if all Filipinos are going  crazy on that verdict day that will judge our nation’s future, it would be fun to see the politicians wear crazy outfit…hehehe…

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