Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget–anonymous

October of 2009: The Winx (meaning withhold) parted ways as the semester ends. Because we are all irregular students, either transferee or shiftee, most of us finished school on the first semester of AY 2009-2010. One member went to Manila for good, one to her hometown in Negros Oriental, two applied to a media company, and one still working on her thesis (who later applied for media work).

December 2009: Three of us got work as media practitioners while the two were still enjoying their freedom as newly graduates.

January 2010: Plans for a possible reunion were organized but was not pushed until February.

Unfortunately, due to availability and other reasons, only three of the Winx came. The whole two hours of chitchat and photo sessions was definitely once in a lifetime because a day after the meeting the other one left for Manila.

Back in 2006 all of us five were total strangers to each other. But since our schedules were almost the same because we were irregular students, we formally decided to create a group that would embody students like us and we call it WINX. Winx is not the cartoon club you’re familiar with. It stands for something–something only the five of us know (not even the boyfriends).

Five different personalities: one strong activist, an anime fanatic, two religious individuals, and one moderator (you know!). Below is our photo when we were three years younger (as if we’re that old!).

The group and thesis days~~~those were the times we shed tears and hurts to one another. Amid those struggles in our friendship we still keep up with our commitment to stay in touch and to be best of friends regardless of which path or career we individually choose.

As for me, I consider myself a freelance friend–a friend to everybody–since grade school but having such diverse and weird (good) personalities around me, who by the way are good influence to me in school, was a life changing.

One thing we have in common, though, is the love of Asian movies and style. In fact during 2009’s freshies night, we decided to perform and Indian dance as our farewell gift to the University of the Philippines-Cebu College and as a fulfillment of our frustration in dancing!

HAHAHA!!! I can’t forget this moment! The time we made fool of ourselves…  ^_^

So long past memories. I have to live up with my present and work for the future.


Another thing I would never forget about the Winx is our lengthy conversation that would end up into an argument. During the short reunion we had, with all those sharing of life experiences and updates,  intellectual arguments also continues. Arguments and probably debate about our individual choice of the country’s next president!–which I always get defeated in discussion like these. Anyhow our sharing of thoughts also attributed to my pool of knowledge of the candidates. Besides at the end of the day, we still keep our friendship and the Winx is still intact because we all respect each others stand in any issues and beliefs.


I am looking forward for April 28. The day we would see each other again as one WINX! Although our physical interaction has been cut, our continuous and frequent communication never died. I still see them in facebook and chat with them in yahoomessenger. Through this we are able to consistently share our dreams and goals in life.

Shine on WINX! Let’s keep the fire burning!  ^_^

Miss you guys!  ^_^


10 thoughts on “reunions

  1. Hi Te Joy,
    It was entertaining reading as well as looking at your pictures which was taken a few years ago. Hihi.
    Very well said everyboy can relate to it especially when it comes to brainstorming ideas and decisions. Nice blog te with all the pictures.
    I hope the five of you can be reunited soon!:)

  2. (I also have pending post for the Winxies in my dashboard’s drafts. haha.)

    Nwei, having you gals is definitely a “blessing” from HIM.
    Despite the sapot-lagot-away-indian-hilak-walay-tagdanay moments, you’ll always be dearest Winxies!

    Kaku-chan loves you gals!

    Padayon Winxies!

  3. Aawww..inspiring. now i miss my elementary and high school friends. 🙂

    but really it is the uniqueness of every individual in a group that makes it so engaging and the possibility that such personalities could co-exist harmoniously.

    Nice blog te joy!

  4. Thanks for writing this Yojeesan. I like the new “title” of your blog account. I’m finding it entertaining to read close friends’ blogs now. At least you two are encouraging me to be interested in the New Media. Congratulations to the two of you Sunnex beauties. I’m the only one left with no job for the moment. But I’m working hard on it. I agree on your description about te Muf, Kaku and yourself except me and Kat. She isn’t much of an activist (involvement with organization) anymore, I think. I also do not claim to be religious but I love (and would die for) my religion; and I do my best to be a good adherent and be a able to talk about it to others. Hey, your closing sounds like Winx is only a past and is no longer part of your present and future. 😉 Anyway, I found a home in UP through WINX. (–,)
    Best wishes!

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