Elections violations

I was applying for my passport renewal in the Department of Foreign Affairs this morning (March 24). The waiting line was long. I was there since four a.m. thinking I might land in the top 50 applicants. But I was wrong. Instead I was number 96, standing for more than three hours. Well, standing there for a long time was fine with me as long as the rest of us were doing the same—fairly.

To my surprise, while I was humming (to divert my leg pain), two women and some men where arguing about unfair queue turns. A woman arrived at around 6 a.m. and took over a man (near the office’s door) place, who’s paid to line for that person (woman). The other woman (who complained) demanded for a rightful line since majority of us were there waiting for our turn patiently while others only go there in time for the office opening.

I learned that bystanders offer to line-up for a person to earn money by selling their position to someone. Tired and frustrated, I kept silent while hearing injustices around. While some people were arguing, little street kids were roaming around begging for money.

But the manifestation of the rich using the poor through their money is obvious in a simple queue for passport application.

With elections coming soon (so soon) we hear a lot of political candidates promising a corrupt-free republic. They said they hate corruption and  liars (full of empty promises). Yet down to each individuals, each Filipino’s corruption persists. If the soon to be political leaders of this nation plan to eliminate corrupt leaders, do they think the problem would stop? No. Because the problem starts from the grassroots. A vivid example is the DFA application process. There are people who make use of their advantages over the weak. In our case this morning, bystanders try to bribe applicants in exchange for their soul. On the other side it is also the rich, using their money, to enslave the poor.

Violations occur much more to the people we would choose to vote this coming May 10 polls. Local officials alone are top violators, what more do you expect from the higher posts? Look at what Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay did with his campaign poster, who included former President Corazon Aquino.

This (above first photo) are posted in a light post (a violation to the Commission on Elections’ Omnibus Election Code). The first time I saw this, I thought Aquino was running for president (hahaha!!! like she’s dead! Hello?)  I mean why did Binay has to use the late president for his campaign? I bet it didn’t undergo permission from the Aquino family because I only see this poster in remote areas (not mainly in the main streets).


I believe the law clearly stated that the official campaign for local candidates will start on March 26 and that is two days away. But as early as March, streets and select locations (including billboards) are already filled with local campaign materials.

Pity. Our society is pity to look at. History is repeating itself—because people do so. I hope that this coming elections, the saying: “Promises are meant to be broken” be a discouragement to our poll bets. Instead they will portray the other way around—“Promises are meant to be kept.”


5 thoughts on “Elections violations

  1. Very well said, Ate Joy! We have the same thoughts. Except that I can’t express mine because I’m not used in dealing with these topics. I have a say but I just can’t find the right words to express my angst against those politicians who are clearly violating the laws. Maybe they think common people don’t know about it because they’re main goal is to get popular months before the elections. I like the pictures showing the campaign materials of those candidates. I always see them whenever I make my way to school. There are just too many faces. I actually find their posters funny because of some taglines in it. Haha.

    You really are an element of journalism, Ate Joy. Your posts are well-substantiated with facts and opinions. Good job! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Very well said Ate Joy. I just hope many gets to read your blogs. Your blogs are always full of sense. Keep it up! 🙂

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