Hair (her) day!

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.” I. Timothy 2:9-10

It was a hot sunny afternoon and my long hair is suffocating me. I was on my 11th month to keep up with the long hair (so to have some style on my graduation day) but the dry and sweaty feeling brought about by the extremely warm weather made me decide to cut it short.

Unsure of what hair type would fit me, I began surfing the internet for virtual makeovers and see if the kind of hair cut I want to achieve would suit me. And so my adventure began. I googled: hair makeover, makeover, and the like. Several websites popped up. I opened it but disappointing mishaps awaited me every time I click on those suggested sites. Almost giving up I gave myself one more option to consider (as I do all the time–“last na jud ni!”) and gladly it was worth clicking (save the best for last?) Thanks to  Taaz online makeover and I had my new me (hair) with a celebrity touch (^_^).

Taaz online celebrity makeover makes you play around makeups and hairstyles straight from Hollywood! Look what virtual styling can do to users. The instructions in the site are simple and it allows you to be Dr. Vicky Bello (famous cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines)—virtually with no controversies attached!

But looking for the right short hair cut was hard, especially that my face shape is round and not (kind of) suited for a boy-cut type of hair.Yet in the end I managed to fit one style (hehehe…) and made it my profile photo in facebook for an hour.

The Bible doesn’t inhibit us not to beautify ourselves or to have makeovers. In fact, it teaches us to be modest and to reflect God’s love with how we dress, act, and say. What the Bible wants to point out most especially is the person’s spiritual makeover. If we are renewed from inside out, our entire being is transformed and we will glow like the sun, for God is the light.

Most of the time, in this generation, a lot of young women dress up to entice men, who would later commit a crime on women. Women are even used as sex symbols and so on. Of course, it is our (women’s) right to be who we want to be, but let us remember that we are also accountable to those who will sin because of what and how we wear. This brings me to my denouncement of the saying: “It is not what you wear, it is how you wear it.”

Sometimes, what we wear affects other people. I am not only referring to the minis and leanest outfits most women wear (because of the trend) but also to the messages written or drawn in our t-shirts, pants, shorts, and even accessories. Often times we see fashion as a trend and going with the flow (which it is) but let us also remember that fashion without sense is junk. Dressing up also defines who or what kind of person we are, and most importantly who we are standing for.

On my way to the office, as I was in the jeepney, the woman across me wearing a cute blue shorts caught my attention. I admit I like the color and the design but what discouraged me is the wordings printed on it. It says: “Sex rocks!, Women as sex symbols…” The print was designed like a newspaper headline. Perhaps the reason why that woman bought that shorts is because of the design (and the fit I should say) and ignoring the message it sends.

I admit, I am a fashion follower. A Christian fashionista that is. But dressing up modestly is not something I force myself, it is something that comes out naturally—it has become a lifestyle. Why? Because I allowed my Savior to transform/do a makeover on me from the inside out. He has made me more beautiful—and no Bello product can match that!  ^_^

As we continually celebrate Women’s Month, let us start to be a catalyst of true modest fashion and promote modesty among women. Let us not allow to be men’s mere attraction for liquor products to sell, or tourist destination “delicacy.” Let us uphold the pride and beauty of every woman seen beyond what physical appearance shows.

And so going back to my bad hair day, I was glad to see the perfect hair type to suit my imagined me (hehe…), which is now my current hairstyle (minus the highlights, gel, rebond, and cellophane treatments).


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