25 JOYs and counting…

ALL is set for my “detachment” day. I slowly pulled myself out of any interaction with my housemates. I intentionally left my mobile phone un-loaded. I already planned my day; and how it would look like the moment I open my eyes on the morning of July 29th. A lot of things were running on my head. I was facing my notebook (seriously) when a loud knock broke the silence.

It was 12:00 midnight and both me and my roommate were still up. I stood up, being nearest to the door, unlocked the knob and found my two other housemates with a chocolate mousse cake and an over-sized card on their hands, singing Happy Birthday. “Much for my ‘detachment’ plan, eh?” I said to myself. I blew the three candles, which were nicely placed on top of the cake. Invited them inside the room and the entire two hours were full of chats, photo shoots, and eating!

“So what’s your plan now that you’re 25?” My housemates asked. Plan? My plan? Now that I am 25? For crying out loud, does it have to be different because I am undeniably 25?

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“To live is Christ and to die is gain.”–Philippians 1:21

To experience people and compassionately share with them your joys and sorrows make life very beautiful.

My ordained church-clergy mother was assigned in a 15 years old church in Bangbang Cordova. Prior to her appointment, the previous pastor cut his affiliation with the church after the bishop decided to transfer him to another local church. Due to his disagreement with the church’s discipline, he left the denomination along with all the members, except for one.

Starting from scratch, our family had spent weekends to invite children for Bible class, praying that through the children ministry we could revive the church.

Months later, a woman, who has been a member of the church during its early years, came and began to attend the Sunday service. Continue reading