Parking space: full for 3 months

EffectsText: Luke 13:10-17

AT SUNDOWN fisher folks normally prepare to sail for the night, but not today—not for the next three months.

Peter, father of one of our kids in church, said there are 352 others who depend on the sea every single day to feed their families and send their children to school.

On August 16, 2013 a passenger and cargo ship collided in Cebu, affecting the towns and two small islands nearby and causing oil spill. Floating bodies were also found after the incident, where there are more than 50 people who died from the 700 passengers. The bad weather and miscommunication of the two captains caused the collision, which until now is still under investigation.

The oil spill has paralyzed fisher folks, wet markets, and entirely the local communities. The Local Government Unit (LGU) has prohibited fishing in these areas for three months. Continue reading