Travel Philippines

The pearl of the Orient, known for its 7,107 + islands, home of the most unique sea creatures, and a top tourist destination—-the Philippines—making this third world nation a hub for cheap labor  for business process outsourcing, English language education, and trades. But are these glittering words the only things we see in this country faced with several issues?

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Journalism in the Shattered Glass movie

“For the press, truth is, or should be, an absolute value,” said The New Republic former editor Charles Lane in his May 25, 1998 editorial, which was released after the Glass controversy heated.

A fire hit a nearby sitio in Barangay Labangon November last year. It is just 100 steps away from where I live. On that day I received a text message from my father that a large cloud of smoke is covering the area and I need to return home to secure our house. Continue reading

The New Media

Try to google “journalist killings” and the first entry you’ll see is the Philippine Maguindanao massacre. Google is known to be the most famous search engine in the internet and anyone who would be interested to type journalist or killings would always end up knowing the incident that took place in the country. Continue reading